Running into shape #1

Not a New Year’s Resolution

Well it really does seem like I am setting some sort of New Year’s resolution for myself, but this actually started late last year. I have been dreaming of getting into running shape. Or into some sort of shape at all. It shouldn’t be a tall order, until you go for a fast paced walk and notice that your legs are killing you. To be honest, I spend my time on my legs while at work, where depending on the day I walk from 6 to 10km, so I do find my legs to be sore almost daily. I really don’t know why since I have never had a problems like this before but this is the reality these days.


How do you prep yourself for running? Mentally visualizing the journey? Taking deep breaths and calming your whole body? No, by shopping of course. The date being few days after Christmas, it was the perfect time to do some running gear shopping, since there was SALE prices all around the sporting goods stores. I got myself some shoes with spikes for the icy roads. Bought also pants, shirt and a jacket. Basically everything you could need, until you understand you need more. When I get the gear, I’ll post about them here.

I know running, like many other sports are not gear oriented, but good gear makes everything much more enjoyable. Having a shoe that fits and you can comfortably run with it on ice, and having a clothing that at least tries to get rid of the excess heat you are producing is a money well spent. Why not be comfortable if you can be?

First Walk

Like I said, this has been on my mind for sometime now, but there has been small setback from the get go. Few days before Christmas I got a flue, and last week there’s been runny nose, moderate fewer and splitting headaches. So I really haven’t been up to do anything too drastic. Now that I am on the phase which I shall call “coughing my lungs out”, I decided that it was time to try to help all slime from my throat to get loose and get lost. I figured that I could take a small walk, maybe two kilometers, while listening some Tim Ferriss podcast and see how it feels. I haven’t got my shoes yet so I just put regular sneakers on with some warm clothing and headed out. It’s been snowing couple days now and there has been no Mr Plow anywhere in sight, so it was snow covered walkways all around.

bridge full of snow
Snowy bridge on my bath

I started walking downhill from where I am staying and everything was easy so I kept brisk walking pace. Just enough that I needed to breath little heavier. Weather was actually quite nice. -1 degrees celsius and some light snow falling from the sky. I decided to go and take a photograph of the bridge close by. (There would have been better photo to be taken of the bridge, but I didn’t want to go off beaten path since I really didn’t want to get my shoes full of snow.)

At this point there was two choices. To turn around and walk back like I had planned or walk around the small lake and then head back through the city centre. The podcast sounded interesting so I decided to keep walking since I actually wasn’t coughing my lungs out.

So I ended up walking just shy of 5 kilometers with brisk pace and it felt quite good. Of course I did end up coughing a lot when I finally stopped walking, but still overall great walk.

Why blog

Two reasons. I just love to thinker with writing, blogs and computer so at least writing something is an added bonus. The real reason is to try to force myself to be better at this whole running idea. If I write about it, even for very small audience, it pushes me more overall. It pushes me to go out and run.

Thank you for reading this and hope to see you next time.